Congratulations on finding the home of your dreams! Once the seller has accepted your offer and signed the contract, you’ll have five days to get the home tested for Radon, inspected, and determine what, if any, repairs you’d like the seller to make. We will work with you to identify the repairs to request and then we’ll send a letter to the seller requesting these repairs and any proposed changes to the original contract.

Once we complete negotiations over the repairs, you’ll be working with your lender to finalize the loan. In all likelihood, this we be a frustrating experience. For example, the lender will probably ask for the same information multiple times, so you should keep a copy of whatever you send them in case you need it again. Try not to take it personally, and remember: The faster you respond to their seemingly endless requests, the quicker this frustrating stage of the process will end.

Experience has taught us that many home buyers shop for appliances, furniture and even cars during the process of purchasing a home. It’s okay to browse, but making a purchase or applying for store credit can impact your home loan and delay the closing. We recommend that you wait until after the close to make any major purchases.

If you are wondering what the process of closing on your home will cost, use our “Cash to Close” calculator below.